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Dwayne Litteer

I live in Baytown,TX which is located on the upper Texas Coast east of Houston. 

I am a retired Chemical Engineer. I worked 35 years for ExxonMobil Chemical in polypropylene & polyethylene manufacturing and process technology development.  I worked in Baytown and Mont Belvieu nearly all of my career.

My favorite hobbies are bird watching combined with nature and travel photography.   My bird watching hobby has taken me to many regions in the USA, Alaska and Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador. My wife and I also travel frequently on organized tours. I enjoy photographing the scenery and places where we travel.

After years using Canon digital SLR cameras and a pair zoom lens covering 28 to 500 mm focal length, I have decided to convert to a smaller and lighter system with similar optical magnification.   I'm now using a Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark II mirror-less camera with a pair of lens made for the micro 4/3 format cameras.  For nature photography I use a Leica DG 100 - 400mm zoom lens.  For travel I am using an Olympus 14-150mm zoom lens.  Both lens are image stabilized.  With the advances made in digital camera technology, I have found the photograph quality with the smaller camera & lens to be very good and the big reduction in weight is much appreciated.  The Olympus OM-D camera has a smaller sensor giving a 2.0 X magnification factor vs.  1.5 X for my old Canon 7D camera, giving me the same or better magnification level.

My favorite local birding and nature photography locations are Anahuac, Brazoria, & San Bernard National Wildlife Refuges; High Island Audubon Sanctuaries, Sheldon Lake, San Jacinto, & Brazos Bend State Parks; the Texas City Dike, Galveston Island, Bolivar Peninsula, and the Baytown Nature Center.

I hope you enjoy my photography. Dwayne Litteer